Multiple Erythema Lesions Obscured As Fungal Skin Infection


  • Allma Koçinaj Clinic of Dermatology- UCCK, Dermatology, Tirana
  • Antigona Gërçari Clinic of Dermatology- UCCK, Dermatology, Tirana
  • Mybera Ferizi Clinic of Dermatology- UCCK, Dermatology, Tirana
  • Edlira Lashi Outpatient Clinic, Family Physician, Tirana
  • Lorela Gjunkshi University of Florida, Dermatology, Gainesville, Florida
  • Monika Fida University Hospital Center of Tirana, Dermatology, Tirana



Erythema migrans is a ring like erythema, with a few centimeters in diameter. Usually it occur solitary, days to weeks after an infected tick bite. According to skin changes it can be manifested acutely such as erythema migrans in Lyme Borreliosis, borrelial lymphocytoma (subacute), or as a late Lyme disease with acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans. All stages of this disease can be treatable with antimicrobial agents. As a first case in our department with multiple lesions, we describe a 14-year-old female and review the patient’s clinical and laboratory features, the causes of the disease, diagnosis as well as treatment.


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Koçinaj A, Gërçari A, Ferizi M, Lashi E, Gjunkshi L, Fida M. Multiple Erythema Lesions Obscured As Fungal Skin Infection. Open Access Maced J Med Sci [Internet]. 2014 Sep. 15 [cited 2022 Jul. 1];2(3):472-3. Available from:



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