Incidence and Impact of Patient-Prosthesis Mismatch in Isolated Aortic Valve Surgery


  • Selman Dumani Service of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital Center “Mother Theresa”, Tirana
  • Ermal Likaj Service of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital Center “Mother Theresa”, Tirana
  • Andi Kacani Service of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital Center “Mother Theresa”, Tirana
  • Laureta Dibra
  • Elizana Petrela Service of Statistics, University Hospital Center “Mother Theresa”, Tirana
  • Vera Beca Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital “Queen Geraldine”, Tirana
  • Ali Refatllari Service of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital Center “Mother Theresa”, Tirana



aortic valve, patient-prosthesis mismatch, valve prosthesis


AIM: The mains topics of this work are the incidence of patient-prosthesis mismatch and the influence in the early results of isolated aortic valve surgery.

METHODS: In 193 patients isolated aortic valve surgery was performed. The study population was divided in three subgroups: 20 patients with severe, 131 patients with moderate and 42 patients without patient-prosthesis mismatch. The indexed effective orifice area was used to define the subgroups. Operative mortality and perioperative complications were considered the indicators of the early results of aortic valve surgery.

RESULTS: The incidence of severe and moderate patient-prosthesis mismatch was respectively 10.3% and 67.8%. Hospital mortality and perioperative complications were: mortality 5% vs. 3.1% vs. 2.4% (p = 0.855), low cardiac output 5% vs. 6.9% vs. 4.8% (p = 0.861); pulmonary complications 5% vs. 3.1 vs. 0.0% (p = 0.430); exploration for bleeding 5% vs. 0.8% vs. 2.4% (p = 0.319); atrial fibrillation 30% vs. 19.8% vs. 11.9% (p = 0.225); wound infection 5% vs. 0.8% vs. 0.00% (p = 0.165), respectively for the group with severe, moderate and without patient-prosthesis mismatch.

CONCLUSIONS: Patient-prosthesis mismatch is a common occurrence in aortic valve surgery. This phenomenon does not affect the early results of aortic valve surgery.


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