Traumatic Transient Herniation Concomitant with Tonsillar Hemorrhagic Contusion in a Child


  • Ahmet Öğrenci Neurospinal Academy, Neurosurgery, Istanbul 34955
  • Orkun Koban Neurospinal Academy, Neurosurgery, Istanbul 34955
  • Murat EkÅŸi Antalya Ataturk Public Hospital, Antalya
  • Onur Yaman Neurospinal Academy, Neurosurgery, Istanbul 34955
  • Sedat Dalbayrak Neurospinal Academy, Neurosurgery, Istanbul 34955



tonsillar contusion, Chiari type 1, tonsillar herniation, cerebellar tonsillar haemorrhage, benign tonsillar ectopia


Downward displacement of cerebellar tonsils more than 5 mm below the foramen magnum is named as Chiari type I malformation and named benign tonsillar ectopia if herniation is less than 3 mm. It does not just depend on congenital causes. There are also some reasons for acquired Chiari Type 1 and benign tonsillar ectopia/herniation. Trauma is one of them. Trauma may increase tonsillar ectopia or may be the cause of new-onset Chiari type 1. The relationship between the tonsil contusion and its position is unclear. We present a case of pediatric age group with tonsillar herniation with a hemorrhagic contusion. Only 1 case has been presented so far in the literature. A case with unilateral tonsil contusion has not been presented to date. We will discuss the possible reasons for taking the place of the tonsils to the above level of the foramen magnum in the follow-up period, by looking at the literature.


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