Testing the Effect of Aggressive Beverage on the Damage of Enamel Structure


  • Mitar Lutovac University Nikola Tesla, Belgrade
  • Olga V. Popova Southern Federal University
  • Gordana Macanovic International University Brchko, Brchko
  • Radoman Kristina High Medical School, Podgorica
  • Bojana Lutovac FIMEK, Novi Sad
  • Sonja Ketin University of Novi Sad, Square Dositeja Obradovica 6, 21000, Novi Sad
  • Rade Biocanin Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy and Health in Travnik, Travnik




Nanomorphology, enamel surface, AFM procedure, roughness parameters


BACKGROUND: Dental erosion is a common problem in modern societies, owing to the increased consumption of acid drinks such as soft drinks, sports drinks, fruit juice. Examining the enamel surface with the Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) enables more precise registering and defining the changes of enamel surface structure and microhardness. This method can be used to compare the efficiency of application of different preventive and therapy materials and medicaments in dentistry. The chronic regular consumption of low pH cola drinks encouraged the erosion of the teeth. The loss of anatomy and sensitivity are direct results of acid cola dissolving coronal tooth material. Under the influence of coca cola, a change of crystal structure and nanomorphology on enamel surface occurs.

AIM: This paper reflects dental damage from abusive cola drinking, and the clinical presentation can be explained from data presented in this thesis.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: The trial was conducted on a total of 40 extracted teeth which were divided into two groups treated with the solution of coca cola during 5 minutes, and then prepared and tested with a standard AFM procedure, type SPM-5200. Quantitative analysis was performed by comparing the roughness parameters (Ra) of the treated and non-treated sample.

RESULTS: Based on the test of a hypothesis of the existence of differences between the treated and untreated sample, with an application of a t-test, it is shown that there are statistically highly significant differences between Ra of the treated sample with a 5-minute treatment of coca cola and Ra of the same sample without the treatment.

CONCLUSION: Use of AFM enables successful monitoring of changes on enamel surface as well as the interpretation of the ultrastructural configuration of the crystal stage and the damage created under the influence of different external factors.


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