Sugar Substitutes: Mechanism, Availability, Current Use and Safety Concerns-An Update


  • Megha Gupta Preventive Dental Sciences, Division: Pedodontics College of Dentistry, Jazan University, Jazan



Sugar substitutes, Dental caries, Artificial sweeteners, Xylitol, Cariogenicity


BACKGROUND: Dental caries has continued to be the major oral disease in the past, as well as the present scenario. Cariogenic sugars in the presence of specific bacteria Streptococcus mutans over a period have been attributed as the major etiologic agent for dental caries. The association between sugar consumption and dental caries has been well documented.

AIM: Hence, the dental profession shares an interest in the search for safe, palatable sugar substitutes.

METHODS: Therefore, the use of a suitable sugar substitute can help in combating dental caries.

RESULTS: Out of the various sugar substitutes available, xylitol is the most widely used. It is available in various forms. It decreases the plaque formation, bacterial adherence and inhibits the growth of Mutans Streptococci.

CONCLUSION: This article provides a comprehensive review of the sugar substitutes, present-day availability, role in the prevention of dental caries and their safety concerns.


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