Tolerability of Omalizumab in Asthma as a Major Compliance Factor: 10-Year Follow Up


  • Mona Al-Ahmad Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University, Kuwait; Al-Rashed Allergy Center, Ministry of Health
  • Jasmina Nurkic Al-Rashed Allergy Center, Ministry of Health
  • Ahmed Maher Al-Rashed Allergy Center, Ministry of Health
  • Nermina Arifhodzic Al-Rashed Allergy Center, Ministry of Health
  • Edin Jusufovic Cathedra for Internal Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tuzla, Tuzla



Omalizumab, Asthma, Tolerability, Compliance, Safety, Long-term


BACKGROUND: There is a lack of data related to real life, long-term safety, tolerability and compliance of omalizumab treatment in asthma patients beyond 6 years.

AIM: Study aimed to assess safety, tolerability, compliance and all reasons for treatment discontinuation during 10 years on omalizumab.

SUBJECT AND METHODS: This is a retrospective, observational study of uncontrolled asthma patients receiving omalizumab for the last 10 years. All data were collected from patients’ files (demographics, adverse events, comorbidities, compliance index, reasons for discontinuation of omalizumab). Reactions to omalizumab were classified as local and systemic, and their severity as mild, moderate or severe. Reactions were either immediate (minutes to hours after drug administration) or delayed (after days). Compliance to omalizumab, defined as Compliance index (CI), was calculated by comparing milligrams of given to milligrams of prescribed dose/ per year.

RESULTS: Out of 35 patients receiving omalizumab, 15 drop out at different time points mostly due to treatment efficacy or appearance of new comorbidities. Patients who continue for the next ten years had mild to moderate adverse events related to omalizumab. There was no increased risk of severe adverse events during 10 years on omalizumab. Patient’s treatment tolerability, despite mild to moderate adverse events, is in favour of compliance.

CONCLUSION: Compliance with omalizumab mildly decreased over 10 years but was not affected by severe adverse events of treatment or new comorbidities. Although, omalizumab is safe medicine appearance of new comorbidities has to be closely followed up.


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