Outcomes of Small Incision Lenticule Extraction for Myopic Astigmatic Treatment


  • Nguyen Xuan Hiep Vietnam National Institute of Ophthalmology, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Pham Thi Minh Khanh Vietnam National Institute of Ophthalmology, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Do Quyet Vietnam Military Medical University (VMMU), Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Than Van Thai NTT Hi-tech Institute, Nguyen Tat Thanh University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Vu Thi Nga Institute for Research and Development, Duy Tan University, 03 Quang Trung, Danang, Vietnam
  • Toi Chu Dinh Department of Human and Animal Physiology, Faculty of Biology, Hanoi
  • Nguyen Duy Bac Vietnam Military Medical University (VMMU), Hanoi, Vietnam




ReLEx SMILE, Astigmatism, Myopia


BACKGROUND: Some studies have shown that there is a certain rotation of the eye in the sitting and lying position of the patient. The Visumax system used for the Refractive Lenticule Extraction-Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (ReLEx SMILE) surgery lacks the rotation of eye control function. So, is the ReLEx SMILE surgery for patients with astigmatism safe and effective?

AIM: To evaluate the outcomes of the ReLEx SMILE surgery in cases with myopic astigmatism.

METHODS: The case series included 120 eyes with myopic astigmatism undergoing ReLEx SMILE surgery from January 2018 to November 2018. The distribution of patients for two subgroups based on the power of astigmatism, low astigmatic group (≤ 1.50D) and high astigmatic group (> 1.50D). All patients were measured UDVA, CDVA, refractive sphere, astigmatism and sphere equivalent before and after surgery one week, one month and three months carefully. The astigmatic correction was evaluated by the vectorial analysis Alpins.

RESULTS: The mean efficacy index of the low and high astigmatic group was 1.035 and 1.082 (respectively); the mean safety index was 1.113 and 1.215 (respectively). 93% of eyes in the low astigmatic group had an angle of error (AE) within ± 15 degrees and 100% in high astigmatic group. There was an undercorrection in astigmatic treatment. No complications during and after surgery were recorded.

CONCLUSION: ReLEx SMILE surgery for the myopic astigmatic treatment was safe and effective.


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