Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences, volume 8, 2020 was completed!


Volumes 8 No. A, No. B, No. C, No. D, No. E, and No. F were completed for 2020 year. Two Thematic Issues (T1 and T2) were also completed for 2020 year.


A total number of 776 papers were published in 2020 year with the biggest number of 219 papers in Vol. 8, No. B – Clinical Sciences. The smallest number of 40 papers were published in Vol. 8, No. D – Dental Sciences.

We would like to thank all authors, editors, section editors, reviewers, copyeditors, and others connected with the maintenance of the journal for the continuous support and increase of the quality of the papers.

Prof. Dr Mirko Spiroski,
Scientific Foundation SPIROSKI,
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia