We accept publication of Thematic issue of OAMJMS


Dear OAMJMS Members,

We accept publication of Thematic issue of Open Access Maced J Med Sci (OAMJMS) with the certain characteristics. Thematic issue should be published as a regular issue with the full papers under the common (thematic) title and signed Thematic Issue Proposal Form.

-        The thematic issue should be published with the full papers under the thematic (common) title. Manuscripts with the religious content should not be included in the thematic issue.

-        The number of papers per issue should be 30-100.

-        All authors, guest editor, and reviewers should be registered in OAMJMS (https://oamjms.eu/index.php/mjms/user/register).

-        Corresponding author or section (guest) editor should submit and communicate with OAMJMS.

-        The section (guest) editor can suggest two preferred reviewers per manuscript and EIC will add the rest of the reviewers.

-        The accepted manuscript will be technically prepared and published in the next four weeks.

-        Numeration and publication of the thematic issue will be finished two weeks after the last accepted manuscript as a different part of the volume (volume T).

-        All papers will be prepared and sent for inclusion in Crossref,  and Google Scholar. Other databases are independent and include the content from the website of OAMJMS.

-        The guest editor should cover 300 EURO per paper, except the Editorial (reduction from 400 EURO regular Publication Fee to 300 EURO per paper).

Half of the total Publication Fee should be transferred before the submission of manuscripts, and the second half will be transferred before the enumeration (publication) of the special issue.



Prof. Dr Mirko Spiroski,

Scientific Foundation SPIROSKI, Rajko Zhinzifov 48, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5559-7981 https://foundationspiroski.eu/ https://www.sfsmdr.mk/ Mobile: ++389 70255155