Impact of Wearing Two Different Types of Partial Dentures on Oral Health-related Quality of Life in Geriatric Diabetic Patients – A Crossover Study


  • Eman M. Ibraheem Department of Prosthodontics, National Research Centre, Egypt
  • Hisham Samir ElGabry Department of Prosthodontics, National Research Centre, Egypt



Flexible partial dentures, Oral health-related quality of life, Diabetic, Geriatric


OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to evaluate oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL) of partially edentulous elderly diabetic patients before and after wearing heat-cured acrylic resin and flexible partial dentures.

BACKGROUND: In the past two decades, an increased concern about the effect of oral conditions on a patient’s quality of life leads to the development of a wide range of OHRQoL measurements. There is a necessity for evaluation required for setting the measurements that are recommended to be used for different needs of geriatric patients.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: One hundred partially edentulous bilateral free-end saddle diabetic elderly patients have been randomly selected from the outpatient clinics of the Excellence Centre at National Research Centre. Heat-cured acrylic resin partial denture and flexible removable partial dentures were made for all patients. General oral health assessment questionnaire was completed before and after wearing the two types of partial dentures. The criteria of assessment were speech, mastication and associated pain, esthetics and physiological status, and general life satisfaction and practicing daily activity.

RESULTS: The results revealed a significant improvement regarding all aspects of OHRQoL after wearing both partial dentures for diabetic elderly patients. More improvement was observed after wearing the flexible one.

CONCLUSIONS: Our findings indicated that OHRQoL in diabetic elderly patients was markedly improved by restoring edentulous spaces using flexible partial dentures than using heat-cured acrylic resin partial dentures.


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