Garre’s Osteomyelitis of the Mandible: Report of 2 Cases


  • Ali Mohammed Makrami Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Prince Mohammed Bin Nasser Hospital, Ministry of Health, Jazan, Saudi Arabia
  • Afaf Ali Hakami Ministry of Health, Jazan, Saudi Arabia
  • Ahlam Ahmed Alhazmi College of Dentistry, Jazan University, Jazan, Saudi Arabia
  • Ahlam Ahmed Shafei College of Dentistry, Jazan University, Jazan, Saudi Arabia
  • Mahasin Ahmed Alnemi College of Dentistry, Jazan University, Jazan, Saudi Arabia
  • Samsheer Kannambra Mohammed Ali College of Dentistry, Jazan University, Jazan, Saudi Arabia
  • Fareedi Mukram Ali College of Dentistry, Jazan University, Jazan, Saudi Arabia



Osteomyelitis, Garre’s Osteomyelitis, Odontogenic infection, mandible, children


BACKGROUND: Garre’s osteomyelitis is a rare type of chronic osteomyelitis that mainly affects children and young adults. This disease is commonly associated with an odontogenic infection resulting from dental caries.

CASE REPORTS: This article describes two case reports of young boys with Garre’s osteomyelitis of mandible caused by odontogenic infection.

RESULTS: The cases were managed by extraction followed by antibiotics and the healing was achieved uneventfully.


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