The Family Satisfaction on Nursing Services at the Intensive Care Unit


  • Fitri Arofiati Department of Nursing, Universitas Muhammadiyah, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Puspa Apriliyanti Department of Nursing, Universitas Muhammadiyah, Yogyakarta, Indonesia



ICU, nursing services, satisfaction


BACKGROUND: Satisfaction is a person’s feeling of pleasure when what is expected is in line with what happens. The good and bad quality of hospital services can be measured through the patients and families’ satisfaction in receiving health services, especially nursing services. Nurses are a health profession that has an important role in providing health services. They are also the hospital health workers who have the most frequent and the longest contact with patients and families.

AIM: This study aims to identify the level of family’s satisfaction in nursing services at the intensive care unit (ICU).

METHODS: This was a quantitative study with descriptive explanatory design, conducted in 30 families of patients in the ICU with a total sampling technique using the rater instrument and met with the inclusion criteria. The variables in this study were a description of the level of family satisfaction in nursing service at the ICU. Data analysis using frequency distribution and displayed in table content.

RESULTS: The characteristics of respondents in this study showed that most of the respondents were 41–56 years old (66.7%). Based on the gender, most of them were female, with a total of 22 respondents (73.3%). Furthermore, based on the data of the respondent’s occupation, 14 of them were self-employed (46.7%) and based on the data of the latest educational background, most of the respondents’ recent education was high school level with a total of 12 people (40.0%). The level of family satisfaction in nursing services showed that 15 people (50%) were satisfied and the other 15 people (50%) felt very satisfied.

CONCLUSION: The result of the study showed that all respondents feel satisfied with the nursing services at the ICU and that the nurses tend to maintain it.


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