Promotion Media for Children’s Health: Applicable Study of Management Child Illness


  • Umi Solikhah Nursing Study Program, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto, Banyumas, Indonesia
  • Sulkhan Chakim Department of Islamic Communication & Broadcasting, IAIN Purwokerto, Purwokerto, Indonesia
  • Diyah Yulistika Handayani Nursing Study Program, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto, Banyumas, Indonesia



merdia, nutrition, immunization, pneumonia


BACKGROUND: Public understanding of immunization problems, pneumonia cases, and nutrition in children is important to improve children’s health status. Provision of attractive and illustrated media is one option to increase public knowledge in supporting the success of government programs in the health sector.

AIM: The purpose of this study is as a form of promotion effort to support an increase in the immunization movement in infants, a decrease in cases of malnutrition and malnutrition, and a decrease in pneumonia cases in infants.

METHODS: The research method used is qualitative and quantitative study. Researchers analyzed the promoting media and the value of benefits in the community. Qualitative analyze used content analysis to get an assessment of media from cadres and parents of children. Quantitative study used univariable analysis to see understanding of illness prevention effort. Interesting picture books for immunization, pneumonia, and malnutrition are used as the promoting media. The number of samples was 20 cadres and 20 parents of children under five, done by simple random sampling technique.

RESULTS: The results showed that the media used for learning nutrition, immunization, and pneumonia material was effective for cadres and the community about easy to understand, completeness, attractive, assistance, easy to use, and practically. This is evidenced by a positive assessment of the media and increased understanding of the material from 50% to 90%.

CONCLUSION: Thus, it can be said that it is necessary to provide educational media to increase public knowledge and understanding of cases that often arise in the community as a problem.


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