Repercussion of Conventional Complete Mandibular Denture Versus Single Implant Over-Denture on Retention and Biting Force


  • Ahmed N. Elsherbini Department of Prosthodontics, MSA University, 6th of October City, Egypt
  • Wilhelm Niedermeier Department of Prosthodontics, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany



Complete denture, Implant supported overdenture, Retention, Biting force


Aim: Aim of this study was the evaluate the retention and biting force of conventional complete denture and after placement of a single implant in the mandible for an implant retained over-denture

Material and methods

Eight completely edentulous patients were selected. A single implant was inserted at the symphysis of the mandible and left to osseointergrate. During the osseointegration period a conventional complete denture was fabricated and inserted. Retention and biting force was measured at insertion and after 3 months of service. After osseointegration attachment was connected, space was formed in the fitting surface of the existing mandibular denture and retention silicon was placed. Retention and biting force were measured at insertion and after 3 months follow-up. Data were collected and statistically analyzed.


The retention mean values for the complete denture was 2.420±0.360, however the retention mean values for the single implant over-denture was 6.395±0.289.  F=3.80 with statically significance difference between the groups of P <0.01. The biting force mean values for the complete denture was 52.62±2.71, however the biting force mean values for single implant over-denture was 71.45±2.73. F= 1.790 with statically insignificance difference between the groups of P >0.01


Single implant overdenture improved the retention and the biting force when compared with the complete denture, this has improved the quality of life and happiness.


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