Effect of SHBG Polymorphism on the Levels of Bioavailable Testosterone and Lipid Metabolism in Older Men of the Kazakh Population


  • Merkhat Akkaliyev Department of Surgical Disciplines, Semey Medical University, Semey, Kazakhstan https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3122-7411
  • Nurlan Aukenov Department of Health and Human Resources, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Meruyert Massabayeva Department of Surgical Disciplines, Semey Medical University, Semey, Kazakhstan https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8240-361X
  • Bakytbek Apsalikov Department of Surgical Disciplines, Semey Medical University, Semey, Kazakhstan https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6983-9224
  • Saule Rakhyzhanova Department of Surgical Disciplines, Semey Medical University, Semey, Kazakhstan
  • Muratkhan Kuderbaev Department of Surgical Disciplines, Semey Medical University, Semey, Kazakhstan
  • Nariman Sadykov Department of Surgery, Pavlodar Branch of the Semey Medical University, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan




SHBG, Bioavailable testosterone, Hypogonadism, Lipid metabolism disorders in men


This study is aimed at investigating the effect of SHBG (rs727428; rs10822184) and LPL (rs754493647) single nucleotide polymorphisms on the concentration of the bioavailable fraction of testosterone in older men.

Materials and methods To study gene mutations, 417 residents of the East Kazakhstan region of Kazakh nationality were examined. The main group included 135 men with signs of hypogonadism (AMS 37-49), and the control group consisted of 282 healthy men (AMS 17-26) of the corresponding age (p = 0.5). Single nucleotide polymorphisms rs 727428 [C / T]; rs10822184 [T / C]; rs754493647 [T / C], was determined by the TaqMan method.

Results Analysis of the rs727428 polymorphism has revealed that the TT allele (rs727428) has a lower level of albumin (p = 0.03), bioavailable testosterone (p = 0.04), and free testosterone (p = 0.6) than in carriers of the CC and CT genotypes. Also, it has shown a decrease in total testosterone (p = 0.001) and an increase in SHBG levels (p = 0.07) in men with the TT genotype of the rs727428 gene polymorphism. The rs10822184 polymorphism demonstrated an increase in triglyceride and LDL levels in TT genotype (p ≤ 0.04), in comparison with CC and CT genotypes.

Conclusion It has been proven that rs727428 (p = 0.001) is associated with testosterone levels and therefore can determine the concentration of bioavailable testosterone. Decreased levels of bioavailable testosterone are a sign of male hypogonadism. This study confirms the effect of rs10822184 on LDL (p = 0.01) and triglyceride (p = 0.04) levels, but its association with androgen levels has not been proven. Our results may be of interest for understanding the etiology of early development of hypogonadism and lipid metabolism disorders in men. To confirm the conclusions, a more detailed study with a large sample of men from the Kazakh population may be required.


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