Lowering Cholesterol through Ethanol Extract and Nano-Symplasia of Takokak Fruit (Solanum torvum Swartz.): An In vivo Study


  • Meliani Sukmadewi Harahap Department of Midwifery, Ministry of Health Polytechnic of Langsa, Aceh, Indonesia
  • Baharuddin Baharuddin Department of Nursing, Polytechnic of Health, Ministry of Health, Aceh, Indonesia
  • Keumalahayati Keumalahayati Department of Nursing, Polytechnic of Health, Ministry of Health, Aceh, Indonesia
  • Lina Lina Department of Nursing, Polytechnic of Health, Ministry of Health, Aceh, Indonesia
  • Fatwa Imelda Nursing Studies Program, University of North Sumatra, Medan, Indonesia




Lowering cholesterol, Ethanol extract, Takokak fruit


BACKGROUND: The human body needs antioxidants that can help protect the body from free radical attacks by reducing the negative impact of these compounds. Antioxidants function to overcome or neutralize free radicals so that it is hoped that by giving these antioxidants, the aging process is inhibited or at least slowed down and can prevent damage to the body from the emergence of degenerative diseases.

AIM: The aim is to prove whether giving Takokak fruit ethanol extract, and nano-simplicia reduces blood cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic mice.

METHODS: This research design is experimental with the randomized post-test-only control group approach. The benefits of Takokak as alternative medicine in preventing hypercholesterolemia by consuming Takokak fruit can be a daily food menu.

RESULTS: The administration of nano Takokak fruit reduced cholesterol, Low-density lipoprotein (LDL), and increased high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels in mice. Administration of nano is very effective at a dose of 450 mg. At the same time, the ethanol extract of Takokak fruit gave a significant difference in reducing cholesterol and LDL levels at a dose of 900 mg/kg BW and increasing HDL at a dose of 450 mg/kg BW.

CONCLUSION: Giving ethanol extract and nano-simplicia Takokak fruit are effective in lowering cholesterol.


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