Evaluation the Protective Effect of Withania somnifera Extract on the Level of Sex Hormone in Morphine Addicted Female Rats


  • Zaid Al-Nuaimi College of Dentistry, University of Al-Ameed, Karbala, Iraq
  • Ali Jaafar Al-Baniwes College of Dentistry, University of Al-Ameed, Karbala, Iraq




Withania somnifera, Luteinizing hormone, Follicle stimulating hormone, Progesterone, Estrogen and morphine addicted


Morphine is one of the most types of phenanthrene alkaloid opioid used to soothe the acute and chronic pain via narcotic and analgesic medical employment. Increasingly constantly used of opioid in the public and medication practical important knowledge improve that. Morphine show pernicious has effects on numerous tissue for instance ovary, liver and lung morphine side effects instruct for existence of oxidative role due to generation of reactive oxygen species in the affected tissue. Last decades researchers proved that natural substance provides protective role against toxic effect. Thus, withania somnifera consider as antioxidant substance provide protective versus the toxic substance as morphine. The present study wase aimed to evaluate the protective role of withania somnifera extract on the level of sex hormone in morphine addicted female rats. In conclusion, the present study confirmed a truth evidence of a protective roles of withania somnifera  against the morphine addiction in female rats.


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