Patient Safety Education for Clinical Students: A Systematic Literature Review


  • Santi Anugrahsari Department of Educational Management, Universitas Negeri, Negeri, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Uwes Anis Chaeruman Department of Educational Management, Universitas Negeri, Negeri, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Hafid Abbas Department of Educational Management, Universitas Negeri, Negeri, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Suryadi Suryadi Department of Educational Management, Universitas Negeri, Negeri, Jakarta, Indonesia



E-learning, Health facilities, Medical and nursing student, Patient safety


BACKGROUND: Patient safety education has been studied from diverse views, from academic to the professional level, yet research on its effective learning methods remain limited.

AIM: This study investigated the implementation of patient safety in the hospital, the significance of patient safety education for students, and the search for effective practical learning methods.

METHODS: It employs a systematic review of articles from 2011 to 2021.

RESULTS: The research result indicates that patient safety implementation in the hospitals and patient safety education are currently significant trends in search of effective learning methods. Several studies denote that E-Learning and videos on patient safety can effectively increase the students’ knowledge, skill, and attitude.

CONCLUSION: With the limitations of scientific writing related to patient safety learning in clinical learners, it is expected that this study can contribute to the development of patient safety teaching in the future. Future research may further examine and analyze the effect of instructional videos in detail.


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