The Effectiveness of Pamphlet toward Consumption Behavior Changing of Iodized Salt among Housewives: A Quasi-experimental Study


  • Mamat Mamat Karawang Midwifery Poltekkes Kemenkes Bandung, Indonesia
  • Rahayu Dwikanthi Karawang Midwifery Poltekkes Kemenkes Bandung, Indonesia
  • Rahayu Pertiwi Karawang Midwifery Poltekkes Kemenkes Bandung, Indonesia
  • Ari Antini Karawang Midwifery Poltekkes Kemenkes Bandung, Indonesia
  • Mardianti Mardianti Karawang Midwifery Poltekkes Kemenkes Bandung, Indonesia
  • Tukimin Sansuwito Faculty of Applied Science, Lincoln University College Malaysia, Kelantan, Malaysia
  • Ramesh Parasath Rai Faculty of Applied Science, Lincoln University College Malaysia, Kelantan, Malaysia



Effectiveness, Pamphlet, Behavior, Use, Iodized salt


BACKGROUND: Prenatal and postnatal growth is affected by iodized salt. Poor management of iodized salt when cooking food or vegetables can reduce iodine levels in salt.

AIM: This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of pamphlets to increase behavior toward consumption of iodized salt among housewives.

METHODS: Study design quasi-experiment with the control group. The intervention group attached to media pamphlet on a kitchen wall or cooking area (The brochure contains how to process iodized salt properly), while the control group was given a leaflet (The leaflet contains how to manage iodized salt properly). The total number of samples was 76 (each group had 38 samples). Before implementing the attached pamphlet media in the kitchen wall, each group measured iodized salt management behavior (pre-test). After four months of intervention, the iodized salt management behavior was measured again. After collecting the data, it was analyzed using logistic regression.

RESULTS: The results of the study showed that there was a difference in the proportion in the group that intervened with pamphlets compared to leaflets in the management of iodized salt, it’s illustrated from the exponent value (β) or Odds Ratio (OR) 3.37 CI: (0.63-17.92) after being controlled by other variables.

CONCLUSION: The attached pamphlets in the kitchen area effectively increase consuming iodized salt among housewives, so the media should be placed where the behavior will appear to change the desired behavior.



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Mamat M, Dwikanthi R, Pertiwi R, Antini A, Mardianti M, Sansuwito T, Rai RP. The Effectiveness of Pamphlet toward Consumption Behavior Changing of Iodized Salt among Housewives: A Quasi-experimental Study. Open Access Maced J Med Sci [Internet]. 2022 Mar. 7 [cited 2023 Dec. 6];10(E):308-12. Available from:



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