A Case Report of Rare Paraphilic Interest: Emetophilia





Paraphilia, Emetophilia, Paraphilic disorder


Background: Paraphilic interest is when sexual arousal occurs in response to objects that are not part of normal sexual arousal. One of the rare paraphilic interests is emetophilia, in which an individual experiences sexual pleasure by observing people vomiting.  

Case Report: We report a 29 year old, unmarried woman, who came alone to the psychiatrist due to sexual arousal by observing others vomiting since childhood. The patient has never had sexual intercourse, so she does not know whether this condition affects her sexual activities or not. Meanwhile, she experienced job-related distress due to her illness. 

Conclusion: Paraphilic interest or anomalous is one paraphilic disorder form which the person experiences less intense and frequent unusual sexual interest without significant distress or impairment in daily life. In this case, further evaluation concerning this patient’s level of distress, including her sexual intercourse behaviour, was still needed. 

Keywords: paraphilia, emetophilia, paraphilic disorder 


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