Analysis of Factors Affecting the Readiness of Health Personnel for COVID-19 Patients Treatment in Hospital


  • Lina Indrawati Program Study of Nursing, School of Health Medistra Indonesia, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia
  • Marni Br. Karo Program Study of Nursing
  • Ernauli Meliyana Program Study of Nursing, School of Health Medistra Indonesia, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia
  • Harun Alrasyid Program Study of Nursing, School of Health Medistra Indonesia, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia



Readiness, COVID-19 treatment, Knowledge, Family status, Health status, Reward, PPE


BACKGROUND: Many health workers have experienced fatigue due to high workloads with the number of patients who were confirmed positive for COVID-19 with moderate and severe symptoms who were hospitalized. Researchers identified several factors that affect the readiness of health workers in the management of COVID- 19 patients, including knowledge, family status, availability of personal protective equipment (PPE), health status, and reward. Optimal self-preparation is needed to achieve COVID-19 management that is in line with expectations by examining these factors more deeply.

AIM: The aim of this study was to identify and knowing factors are affect the readiness of Health personnel for COVID-19 patients’ treatment in hospital.

METHODS: This research method uses a descriptive correlation design with a cross-sectional approach aimed at knowing the relationship between variables, where the independent variable and dependent variable are identified at the same time. The number of samples used as many as 34 students of the transfer class who already work as nurses in hospitals.

RESULTS: There were two factors that had an influence on the readiness of transfer students in the management of COVID-19 at the hospital, namely, the family status factor and the availability of PPE with p values of 0.036 and 0.007 and three factors that had no effect, namely knowledge, health status, and giving rewards with p > 0.05.

CONCLUSION: Family status and the availability of PPE become the main important factors related to readiness of health personnel for patients’ treatment in hospital. Working safely and fully support from the hospital can affect the readiness of the health workers in handling COVID-19 patients.


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