Outcome of Cardiac Rehabilitation Following Off-Pump Versus On-Pump Coronary Bypass Surgery


  • Reza Arefizadeh Department of Cardiology, AJA University of Medical Sciences, Tehran
  • Seyed Yaser Hariri Khatamolanbia Air Defence Medical University, Tehran
  • Adel Johari Moghadam Khatamolanbia Air Defence Medical University, Tehran




coronary artery bypass, cardiac rehabilitation, outcome, quality of life


BACKGROUND: A few studies have compared the cardiac rehabilitation (CR) outcome between those who undergo conventional on-pump bypass surgery and off-pump surgery. We compared this outcome among the patients differentiated by the On-pump and off-pump surgical procedures about cardiovascular variables and psychological status.

METHODS: This longitudinal study recruited 318 and 102 consecutive patients who had undergone CABG (on-pump surgery, n = 318 and off-pump surgery, n = 102) and been referred to the CR clinic.

RESULTS: The off-pump surgery patients had more improvement in their metabolic equivalents (METs) value. The physical and mental components of health-related quality of life (QOL) (based on SF-36 questionnaire) as well as depression-anxiety (based on Costello-Comrey Depression and Anxiety Scale) were notably improved in the two study groups after the CR program, while changes in the QOL components scores and also depression-anxiety score were not different between the off-pump and on-pump techniques.

CONCLUSIONS: Regarding QOL and psychological status, there were no differences in the CR outcome between those who underwent off-pump bypass surgery and those who underwent on-pump surgery; nevertheless, the off-pump technique was superior to the on-pump method on METs improvement following CR.


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