Does Yoga-Murottal Reduce Dysmenorrhea Pain and Improve Beta-Endorphin Hormone Levels in Adolescents?




Yoga murottal, Pain scale, Beta-endorphins, Dysmenorrhea


BACKGROUND: Dysmenorrhea pain is one of the substantial reproductive problems in teenagers. Combination of Yoga and murottal is used as an alternative to reduce dysmenorrhea pain. Yoga might control dysmenorrhea pain and stimulate the release of endorphins which trigger the body to relax and reduce muscle tension.

AIM: The purpose of this study was to prove that the yoga murottal as an alternative treatment for reducing dysmenorrhea pain and increasing beta-endorphin hormone levels in adolescents.

METHODS: The type of research is true experiment, pre-test–post-test with control group design. Sampling according to the inclusion criteria, respondents were 30 female students. The intervention group was given yoga murottal for 20 min every day during menstruation, followed by 2 times a week, while the control group administered an analgesics medicine. Collecting data used observation sheets and blood samples. Analysis of the data used paired t-test and independent t-test.

RESULTS: There is a significant difference in pain scale in both two groups with p = 0.001. There is a difference in beta-endorphins levels before and after intervention in two groups with p = 0.001. There is no difference of beta-endorphins levels between intervention and control groups with p = 0.201. However, the beta-endorphin level in the intervention group is higher than in the control group (52.9 ng/ml and 47.1 ng/ml, respectively).

CONCLUSION: Yoga murottal increased beta-endorphins levels in and reduced dysmenorrhea pain scale for teenagers.


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