A Pilot Study on BMI, Serum Testosterone and Estradiol Levels in Allergic Male Patients


  • Violeta Lokaj-Berisha Department of Physiology & Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo
  • Besa Gacaferri-Lumezi Department of Physiology & Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo
  • Naser Berisha Departments of OB & GYNE, University Clinical Centre, Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo
  • Sanije Gashi-Hoxha National Institute of Public Health, Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo




allergy, BMI, estradiol, male, testosterone


BACKGROUND: The dramatic increase in the prevalence of high body mass index (BMI) increases the prevalence of allergic diseases, both in adults and children and obesity is associated with hypogonadism in adult males.

AIM: We aimed to evaluate the effect of high body mass index on plasma concentrations of testosterone and estradiol in young pubertal and adult males with allergic diseases.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Morning fasting blood samples were obtained form 51 allergic patients and 6 healthy volunteer males between the ages 11-57 years (Mean 26.9, DS ± 11.9 years). Total testosterone, estradiol, FSH and LH concentrations were measured by radioimmunoassay. All participants were subjected to skin prick tests with test kit G aeroallergens, and BMI was calculated according to the body weight divided by the square of height (kg/m2).

RESULTS: Low levels of testosterone and high levels of estradiol were associated with high BMI only in patients with asthma/rhinitis, but not in asthma patients. Allergic dermatitis/urticaria group along with healthy controls were overweight but within normal ranges for total testosterone and estradiol concentrations. Patients with allergic rhinitis were within normal ranges for BMI, total testosterone and estradiol concentrations.

CONCLUSION: High BMI is not always associated with low levels of testosterone and high levels of estradiol in our patients with allergic diseases, but low levels of testosterone are present in patients with asthma and asthma/rhinitis although not among patients with rhinitis only. Our results should be confirmed in a larger group of participants.


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