The Position of Neutrophils-To-Lymphocytes and Lymphocytes-To-Platelets Ratio as Predictive Markers of Progression and Prognosis in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer


  • Plamen Minkov Trakia University, Stara Zagora
  • Maya Gulubova Department of General and Clinical Pathology, Forensic Medicine and Deontology, Trakia University, Stara Zagora
  • Petar Chilingirov Trakia University, Stara Zagora
  • Julian Ananiev Department of General and Clinical Pathology, Forensic Medicine and Deontology, Trakia University, Stara Zagora



Lung cancer, NLR, PLR, Prognosis


BACKGROUND: Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is an insidious metastasis condition of the lungs often presenting no symptoms at the onset. Defining markers for quick determination of prognosis is essential for building up a treatment strategy.

AIM: The aim of this study is to define the role of the Neutrophils-to-Lymphocytes ratio (NLR) and Platelets-to- Lymphocytes ratio (PLR) as biomarkers in patients with NSCLC, according to the stage and prognosis of the disease.

METHODS: We investigated 20 patients with NSCLC. NLR and PLR are calculated and are evaluated according to the presence or absence of metastasis, stage of the disease, histological type and survival rate.

RESULTS: We found that thirteen of the patients had low NLR, while the rest 7 had high NLR (mean 3.15). By analysing PLR we found that 11 patients have low and 9 have high level of PLR (mean 1.42). After the correlations have been made we discovered that in 90.1% of the patients with low PLR no lymph metastasises were detected, while in 50% of the patients with high PLR lymph metastasises were observed (c2 = 3.99; P = 0.046). We also discovered that in 84.6% of the patients with low NLR lymph metastases were absent, while in 42.9% with high NLR lymph metastasises were present (c 2 = 1.83; P = 0.176).

CONCLUSION: In conclusion, NLR and PLR were discovered as prominent biomarkers which provide relatively fast determination for prognosis in patients with NSCLC.


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