No Association between 25 (OH) Vitamin D Level And Hypothyroidism among Females


  • Imad R. Musa Armed Forces Hospital at King Abdu Aziz Air Base, Dhahran
  • Gasim I. Gasim Faculty of Medicine, Al Neelain University, Khartoum
  • Sajjad Khan Central Hospital, Arar
  • Ibrahim A. Ibrahim Medical Laboratory Science, United Medical Laboratory
  • Hamdi Abo-alazm Medical Laboratory Science, United Medical Laboratory
  • Ishag Adam Faculty of Medicine, Khartoum University, Khartoum



Keywords, hypothyroidism, vitamin D levels, females


AIM: The aim was to investigate serum vitamin D (25-OH) level among females with hypothyroidism.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: A case-control study (58 in each arm) was conducted in Arar Central Hospital, Kingdom Saudi Arabia. The cases were females with hypothyroidism, and healthy females were controls. TSH, thyroid hormones: Free T3 (FT3) and Free T4 (FT4) and haemoglobin levels were measured in all participants. Serum vitamin D (25-OH) level was measured using the spectrophotometry.

RESULTS: While there was no significant difference in the age and haemoglobin level, body mass index (BMI) was significantly higher in the cases. Compared with the controls, cases had significantly higher TSH, had significantly lower T4, and there was no significant difference in FT3 and 25 (OH) vitamin D, [16.1 (8.8-26.7) vs. 14.0 (9.5-20.3 ng/ml; P = 0.577]. Linear regression showed no association between, age, BMI, haemoglobin, TSH, FT3, FT4 and the log of 25 (OH) vitamin D levels.

CONCLUSION: There was no significant difference in vitamin D level among females with hypothyroidism and healthy controls.


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