Comparison of Mean VEGF-A Expression Between Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients and Non-Ischemic Stroke Subject


  • Ismail Setyopranoto Department of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Gadjah Mada and Dr Sardjito General Hospital, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Ahmad Hamim Sadewa Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Samekto Wibowo Department of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Gadjah Mada and Dr Sardjito General Hospital, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • I Putu Eka Widyadharma Department of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University and Sanglah General Hospital, Bali, Indonesia



Acute ischemic stroke, Hypoxia, Expression, VEGF-A


BACKGROUND: Glucose and oxygen supply to neurons are disrupted during acute ischemic stroke, resulting in hypoxia. This event, in turn, activates the transcription of hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF-1), which is responsible for activating genes responsible for angiogenesis, including vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). VEGF and their receptor systems exert complex mechanisms of angiogenesis, including the stimulator, inhibitors, angiogenic and modulator. VEGF-A is the primary regulator of angiogenesis, both during physiological and pathological conditions. Nevertheless, the role of VEGF on the prognosis of hypoxia remains controversial.

AIM: The purpose of this study was to address if there is any difference between the mean expression of VEGF-A between acute ischemic patients and non-ischemic stroke subjects.

METHODS: This was an observational study with a cross-sectional design, the population in this research is the acute ischemic stroke patients and non-ischemic stroke subjects, which were admitted on Emergency Room and later treated in the Stroke Unit, Dr Sardjito General Hospital, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Subjects were recruited using the purposive method, yielding a total of 64 subjects on both groups. Diagnosis of acute ischemic stroke was established using a head CT scan. Patients who meet the inclusion criteria and willing to participate in the study were asked to provide informed consent. Laboratory analysis was conducted during the first 24 hours after being treated at Stroke Unit, Dr Sardjito General Hospital, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, with venous blood was withdrawn VEGF-A levels between acute ischemic stroke and non-ischemic stroke subjects were subsequently compared. Categorical variables (including gender) were tested using either chi-square or Fisher exact test. Interval data was examined using student t-test if data distribution was normal.

RESULTS: As many as 35 acute ischemic stroke and 35 non-ischemic stroke patients were included in the study, among whom were 18 men (51.43%) and 17 women (48.57%) among stroke patients and 21 (60%) men and 14 (40%) women among subjects without stroke. The average of the subject's age on stroke and non-ischemic stroke group was 58.51 and 48.57 years old. VEGF-A levels were significantly higher in the non-stroke group (561.77 ± 377.92) compared with stroke group (397.78 ± 181.53) with p = 0.02.

CONCLUSION: expression of VEGF-A in acute ischemic stroke group was lower when compared with the non-stroke group.


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